We offer several specialty lawn services in Ridgeway, Blythewood & Camden, SC and the Greater Columbia area

We can use several different techniques to improve the overall health of your lawn. A few of the services we provide are:

  • Dethatching—Make lawn growth easier by thinning overgrown patches
  • Top dressing—Even out your lawn while encouraging growth and reducing thatching
  • Lawn aeration—Release compacted soil and thatch to allow more water and air into the soil
  • Sod Installation—Replace patchy spots on your lawn to give your lawn a new look instantly.
  • Our dethatching service is a great way to improve your lawn. Increasing the amount of air and water permeating the soil allows grass to grow thicker and more evenly. Schedule your dethatching service now.

Keep your new sod healthy

Your new sod might need less work than seeded grass, but it still needs routine maintenance. You can count on us for any lawn maintenance needed to make your new grass flourish. Speak with a sod installation professional to find out how to make your new grass look its best.

Unlike planted grass seeds, sod doesn't need growth time to reach its final look. It also requires less work like reseeding or frequent watering. Contact us today to ask about sod installation for your property in Ridgeway or Blythewood, SC.